Thursday, January 30, 2014

Denver TT aliance

I've been off the game for easily 15 months, but I want to start playing again this year. I feel the pounds starting to add up again... even though I've been better about my diet.

Luckily, my good friend and trainer Angelo Gandullia is going to open a new club in downtown denver. It's really neat, since he allied with Butterfly and will have top of the line equipment.

In case you are looking for a table tennis club in the denver area, I cannot recommend Angelo enough. He is a fun, technical person who lives and breathes table tennis all day, every day.

He won the state games in 2012 and placed second in 2013, so you know you are in excellent hands :)

There is also Topspin if you live closer to south denver, which has been around for a long time and has monthly or bi-monthly tournaments; and Longmont in the northern part of the denver area has probably some of the best competitive recreational play. Both clubs welcome anyone and it's only a small fee to play.