Saturday, April 14, 2012

Zhang Jike

I know Ma Long is #1 - but the player I'm most interested this Olympics is Zhang Jike.

He's amazing. There is so much dark energy brooding inside that boy's mind! It's a confidence that he is much better than the opponent - pure power coming in every shot with a killing intent. I can't say anything bad about his forehand, but his backhand just doesn't stop - it's such a dominating technique!

If there were such thing as chakra meters, he would be the equivalent of Sasuke! (forgive the comparison...)

I'll paste a couple videos I found today. Another great one is when he won the world championships and ripped off his shirt. Pure ping pong power :)

This one he makes Ma Lin look like a bad player:

And this one, he and Mizutani go into superhuman mode and have a great match!

Aaaand yes here is the world championships final (4 of 4 though, in a playlist)

Enjoy :)

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